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Welcome to Moonlight Gypsy and thank you for dropping in to read my very first blog post! I am so excited to introduce Moonlight Gypsy to the world on a more personal level and share with you what the brand is all about.
My name is Melanie and Moonlight Gypsy was inspired by my love of Bohemian fashion and world travel. I grew up in the South (Texas) and now live in the concrete jungle of NYC, but consider myself a Cali girl at heart! Moonlight Gypsy was born when I was living in Los Angeles (Santa Monica Beach) and the brand represents my own personal style of Southern charm meets beachy, Boho cool.
After spending several years in the NYC and Los Angeles fashion industries, building my resume at companies like Victoria's Secret, Macys and JustFab, I developed an overwhelming desire to curate my own collection of beautiful Boho items to share with YOU!
I have a love for all things Boho and truly believe that fashion is an expression of who we are. Here you can find a unique collection of Bohemian style jewelry, accessories and gifts from around the world that will help you showcase your inner beachy, Boho babe! Enjoy!


Inspired by Bohemian fashion and our love of travel, our mission is to provide a globally unique collection of Bohemian jewelry, handbags, gifts & accessories from around the world. We dream of traveling the world and discovering global treasures, visiting local market places in Thailand, India, Guatemala, Morocco and beyond. We bring global Bohemian fashion from around the world right to your finger tips where you can enjoy the journey to a far away land right from the comfort of your own home!

We offer a select number of handmade products because we see value in the uniqueness of each item as well as the time it takes for artisans to hand craft each and every detail. Some of our products are made in small batches by local artisans, making them limited edition pieces that can't be found anywhere else!

Unfortunately, many individuals in underdeveloped countries are working in factories across the globe, getting paid far below minimum wage. Some of the items we carry are fair trade which allows individuals to work in an ethical environment while earning a fair wage and a vital income to support themselves, their families and their communities.

Many of the fair trade products we source from artisan communities showcase rich history and culture. For example, some of our bags feature ancient embroidery and fabric printing techniques used by the Hmong Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand which have been passed down for generations! We strive to preserve the beauty of these ancient techniques and love that each item holds within it a story of history and culture. You can view which products are handmade or fair trade by clicking into the item and viewing the item details in the description.
Part of our passion is bringing awareness to multiple hardships that affect underdeveloped countries around the world.
Moonlight Gypsy donates 10% of profits from our handmade + fair trade collection to provide food, water and shelter to individuals living in poverty to aid in hardships and alleviate suffering from disaster related events. We carefully select which non-profit organizations we donate to as well as the causes we wish to support. Currently, we are donating 10% of our profits through March to the World Vision Organization in efforts to feed individuals suffering in Haiti following the devastation of Hurricane Matthew last year. To read more about this specific cause, click here.
Shop our entire collection at MoonlightGypsyShop.com and follow us on Instagram @m00nlightgypsy and on Facebook @MoonlightGypsyAccessories!
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